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Applications of AI

Core research Directions

  • Four key application areas:
    • Biomedical applications of AI: Brain Computer Interfacing, biomedical data processing, medical imaging, smart health, precision medicine.
    • Engineering applications of AI: automated product design, performance analysis, anomaly detection, process monitoring, sample analysis, predictive maintenance, data-driven modelling and control of dynamical systems, time series forecasting, health monitoring systems, pattern/object recognition, decision support systems and bioinformatics.

    • AI in education: technology-mediated learning environments and applications, modelling the learning trajectory, modelling learning content and tasks, supporting learners with effective and personalised instructional interventions, supporting teachers in a data-driven way.

    • Business applications of AI: business focused ML techniques as well as studies innovative business applications of ML.

  • And various other applications in fields such as astrophysics, human-computer-interaction, computartional biology, mechanical engineering, ...


Biomedical applications

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AI in Engineering

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Business applications

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